conceived a few years ago when I came to the realization that I had my own void. There was a hole in my heart, a Vacancy, that no matter how hard I tried, no amount of superficial distraction seemed to fill it.

I was single and my heart was a hotel that always seemed to have one room available, but was never filled to capacity. It was like the neon 'NO' in my VACANCY sign was permanently burnt out.

I was tired of building walls. It was time to start tearing them down.

Vacancy was born as a way to connect other people who are seeking to fill their voids. I wanted to wear something that told other singles, "Hey, I'm open, I'm available, you can come talk to me." It didn't take long before I came to the conclusion that Vacancy was much bigger than that one idea (or me) for that matter.

Love wasn't the only piece of the pie that was missing. I had more than just one room in my heartbreak hotel to fill. That's when I realized I wasn't alone.

We might not all share the same Vacancy but we all share that feeling that a piece of our pie is missing. That better is out there. Whether your vacancy is love, a dream, a goal or a destination, you are not alone.

Recognize your Vacancy, view it as a positive and be proud to shout it from the rooftop pool. Your Vacancy is no flaw. It’s an affirmation of your strength and resolve to fill it.

Vacancy is your meme, a living reminder on your chest every time you look in the mirror that your journey is just getting started.

Vacancy has no gender or political affiliation. Vacancy is not divisive – it's all inclusive. From the moment you put on Vacancy, you become a part of something bigger than yourself. You become part of a movement. You become part of a community. You become a part of a family.