Frequently Asked Questions


Want to stalk our models?

Please don't, but you can follow them on Instagram.

How do I care for my new Vacancy tee so it lasts forever and ever?

Wear it, machine wash on a cool temperature setting (preferably inside-out), tumble dry low or hang dry, repeat.

What is Slub?

If you haven't google'd it yet, slub is a fabric that appears to have slight lumps in it. These lumps are due to the process prior to weaving the fabric where the fabric is twisted, creating irregular twists. This results in a raw and unique look with a nice texture to it. Slub tees are light and airy, without clinging to the body. As a bonus, it does not ever need to be ironed because it is not designed to look flat.

What's the shipping and delivery time?

Vacancy uses premium quality garments made in extremely limited quantities making each tee special but rare so don't panic if we sellout or your item is backordered. More is on the way so please be patient! 

Do you offer international shipping?

We only offer international shipping on a case by case basis at this time. Please contact us at

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Nope, shipping is free anywhere in the US.

Do you offer preorders?

Preorders will be offered in the near future. 

Can I make suggestions?

ABSOLUTELY, please feel free to give us your input! Contact us at